About the author of RailsGuides

Andrey Koleshko My name is Andrey Koleshko. I live in Belarus, Minsk. I’ve been working with Ruby On Rails framework since 2009. During this period of time I was working on a lot of Rails projects. The list contains different types of projects including SaaS applications, CMS systems, billing systems, REST API and so on.

Apart of the commercial commitment I have contributed to open source projects: Rails, Datagrid, Inherited resources, Devise, Sinatra, Rake, Enumerize, Homebrew, Cocaine and so on. The whole list you may see following this link.

In a development process I always follow TDD principles, I do construct or take an active part in a project architecture, deployment processes and a workflow. In the past I was a Java developer, that’s why it affects my programming decisions to the best. In code I prefer to apply design patterns where it’s possible and reasonable, pay more attention to code reliability and flexibility. I have big experience in a project refactoring. I prefer to solve problems rather than creating them.

The main achievement in my experience as a Ruby developer is a writing the book Rake Task Management Essentials. Yes, I’m the sole author of the book.

If you wanted to hire me then you would like to see my CV. It’s located here.